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You rely on your investments to provide you security for the future. Especially in these difficult economic times, you can’t afford a loss due negligence or misconduct. If a stockbroker, financial advisor, or other financial professional caused the loss of your hard earned investment as a result of suggesting risky securities, advising you to hold a security when it wasn’t prudent, or advising you to sell at an improper time, you might be entitled to compensation.

When considering your claim, the attorneys at Cohn & Cohn Attorneys at Law will look at a number of factors. Did your broker follow your advice? Did they make investments unsuitable for your age or investment experience? In addition, the supervising authorities at the brokerage firm may have failed to properly supervise your broker and, as a result, they purchased improper investments or just plain lied about how your account was handled.

Are you a victim of negligence or fraud?

Brokerage misconduct comes in many forms, and if there is activity on behalf of the broker or their firm that caused the loss, you may be able to bring a claim. If you lost money in the securities markets, give us a call to discuss in more detail what occurred and the possible chances of recovery. In securities cases our fee is contingent, meaning we don’t collect a fee unless you collect damages. We also offer worker’s compensation and personal injury representation.

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